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Visy. Flexible development solutions in personal protective equipment.


At GeoEnergetika, we formed the brand Visy in response to the widespread lack of adequate protective equipment that emerged as a result of the current coronavirus epidemic.

To address the urgent needs of the public, we redirected our development and manufacturing capacities - with which we supply notable clients, including Gorenje, Hisense, Bosch, and Siemens - towards the production of high-quality protective visors. In so doing, we also launched a new brand of professional personal protective equipment, designed and manufactured in the EU (Slovenia).

Smo izkušen dobavitelj varovalne opreme. Že od ustanovitve dalje kup
cem zagotavljamo
širok nabor visoko kvalitetnih produktov priznanih blagovnih znamk, kot so Uvex, Sika,
Brynje in DG Tachov. Z blagovno znamko Visy, ki je definirana z načelom hitrega in
fleksibilnega odziva na fluidne potrebe javnosti in trgov, pa pišemo povsem ovo poglavje
svoje zgodbe, s katero prispevamo k splošnim prizadevanjem zajezitve svetovne
zdravstvene krize.


We have ample experience with supplying personal protective equipment. Since our inception, we have been providing our customers with a wide variety of products from renowned brands, such as Uvex, Sika, Brynje, and DG Tachov, among others. 

Our understanding of the market helped us in creating our new brand Visy, focused on rapid response and flexible adjustments to the needs of the public and our customers with which we are starting a new exciting chapter of story. 


Partnership networks benefit everyone involved. They allow us to intensify our market presence, while offering our partners the opportunity to provide their clients with innovative and professional grade personal protective solutions. Contact us and become a part of our story!

Visy. Here for you.


Through compliance with international quality standards and product certification, we ensure the transformation of innovative ideas into reliable, high-quality solutions.


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